Media Literacy Ireland 2020 Conference details announced : Webinar 1: MIL without Borders

Media Literacy Ireland has announced details of its 2020 conference which due to Covid 19 will take place online.  Rather than run the conference over a full day, Media Literacy Ireland will host a series of webinars  each Monday during the month of November.  With an overarching theme of ‘the Power of Collaboration’, this series of webinars will also explore what the future of MLI work might look like and how MLI members can continue to work collaboratively to remain relevant and effective in the future.

Topics for the conference include the following :

  • MIL without Borders
  • Who's infleuencing Who? A deep dive into the world of Irish Influencers
  • New Literacy Now
  • Measuring Media Literacy
  • The next chapter for ML : AI, Data and Ethics


Webinar 1 -  MIL wihtout Borders will take place on November 2nd at 10am.  Details of this webinar are as follows :

MIL issues generally don’t observe borders. This webinar will explore what kind of collaboration is taking place at an international level that might help to the improve MIL outcomes in the long term. This session will also consider the evolving nature of media regulation across Europe and the increasingly important role that the promotion of media literacy has, as well as the future role that Media Literacy Ireland can play. We are delighted to announce the following speakers for this webinar.

  • Celene Craig, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
  • Urska Umek, Council of Europe
  • Lubos Kuklis, European Regulators Group for Audio Visual Media Services
  • Maria Donde, European Platform of Regulatory Authorities


To secure your place please register in advance using this link:  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing the joining information.  This webinar is also open to non-MLI members.  The next webinar will take place on Monday November 9th and will look at Who's infleuncing who? A deep dive into the world of Irish Influencers.  Full details of the time and registration details will be released in due course. 

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