Design with Canva - Beginner Level.

Course Details

  • Date Wed, 12th April 2023
  • Time 13:30 to 16:30
  • Duration 3 hours (To book your place on this course go to :
  • LocationOnline via Zoom
  • Trainers Barbara Edwards, BeCoached

Course Aims

This training is intended for beginner and intermediate users of Canva in order to navigate tools and tricks to speed up workflow when creating digital content and graphics at an overview level. This course will explain the functionality of the most popular Canva tools, and provides practice projects that can be used for real business settings.

Course Content

During this online workshop participants will :

  • Undertstand how to navigate the dashboard
  • Learn how to use templates in Canva
  • Look at choosing images for use in graphics
  • Understand how to resize images
  • Understand how to upload images
  • Branding, logo, typography
  • Learn about Editing and FX
  • Understand how to add your own branding in Canva
  • Learn how to create a brand kit
  • Create folders within Canva to allow for easy access to content
  • Set the building blocks for images
  • Learn about typography, layers and backgrounds
  • Understand how to use audio and video in Canva
  • Create online backgrounds and documents
  • Creating QR Codes
  • Learn how to use the content planner
  • Learn how to use the content planner and how to save and organise your work


Barbara Edwards, BeCoached

Barbara Edwards is passionate about education and ensuring that learners have both the tools and skillset to enable them to grow their business. Her Canva training empowers participants to get their marketing and brand on the right track, take control and streamline their story from social media to boardroom.  

As a self-employed trainer, project manager and LSS Green Belt, Barbara helps small businesses and entrepreneurs establish good processes to help drive their business. She also assists them with developing their communication and marketing strategies.

Who is this content for?

The course is aimed at anyone looking to develop their Canva skills. 

Training Method

This course will be delivered online via Zoom.  The course will take place on :

12th April 2023 - 1.30pm to 4.30pm

To register for the course go to :