Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion.

Course Details

  • Date Wed, 19th October 2022
  • Time 10:00 to 12:00
  • Duration 2 hours (To book your place on this course go to : "")
  • LocationOnline via Zoom
  • Trainers Lia-Jo Gee, Irish Centre for Diversity

Course Aims

The course will explore equality, diversity and inclusion from a range of perspectives including the business, moral and legislative context. Participants will have the opportunity to examine the various terminology relating to the legislation (e.g. types of discrimination) and its application.

Course Content


At the end of this session, participants will have :

  • An understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion within an organizational context
  • An understanding of the legislative framework and its application
  • An understanding of the different types of discrimination
  • An understanding of Equality law
  • A greater understanding of race inclusion/racism
  • A greater understanding on how to manage and overcome concious and unconcious bias

In essence the workshop will look at why organisations would want to strive to be an inclusive organisation and an organisation that prioritises diversity. 



Liza-Jo Gee, Irish Centre for Diversity and Inclsuion

Who is this content for?

This course is aimed at all those working in the sector.

Training Method

Online via Zoom

To book your place on this course go to the links below :

25th April 2023, 10am to 12.30pm via Zoom -