Jamie Heaslip joins judging panel to select winners of iRadio's business 'iGrant' worth 30K

Youth regional radio station, iRadio have just announced that former Leinster and Ireland number 8 Jamie Heaslip - a man who knows all about resilience both on and off the pitch,  has joined their judging panel to select winners of iRadio's business 'iGrant' worth 30K.  In this announcement, Mark Cunning, CEO, iRadio has said, 'to say we're living through challenging times would be an understatement, but resilience is inherent in the fabric of Irish society'.
Born into the recession of 2008, iRadio knows well what it's like to come through hard times. They also know that it’s only by coming together, that we'll all get through this rough patch. So far, hundreds of businesses have applied for the iGrant, which offers one business €20,000 worth of iRadio’s advertising services completely free.
As so many more businesses are now facing unprecedented challenges iRadio have decided to extend the deadline for applications, to allow for as many entries as possible. They are also delighted to announce there will now be a second prize for the runner up worth €10,000.
This means a total of €30,000 worth of iRadio’s on-air, digital, social media and website services will be given to two independent Irish businesses, to assist them in getting back on their feet after all this is over.

iRadio are thrilled to have Jamie Heaslip on board for this and the health of small Irish businesses is a subject close to Jamie’s heart, as he is a shareholder of SME digital lending platform, www.flender.ie, which lends to small to medium sized businesses around the country.
Speaking about his involvement in the initiative, Jamie says he is delighted to get involved with iGrant:
"I think that it's fantastic for a company to potentially have this.  When we get through this, and we will get through this, companies are going to need to advertise, they're going to need these kind of services."
Jamie also highlights how getting through these current difficulties requires a team effort.
"I think everyone has to try to play their role where they can. Flender are trying to do it through either the retail lending or through lending to SMEs. We're combining with iRadio on this because this is what we can do to help. Everyone's playing a role somehow and this is just another great way of trying to help out."
Jamie will also be joining iRadio in a long term capacity, with a new feature where he'll be sharing his business knowledge on air and online each Monday.
For further information please contact Mark Cunning, iRadio CEO, on 087 268 6277.

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