MojoFest discount for Learning Waves members

MojoFest is an international gathering which celebrates the growing global community of professional smartphone content creators.  Smartphones are ubiquitous and are gaining popularity as professional content creation tools in media and marketing.   The annual festival, the longest running international smartphone creator event, brings together the pioneers, innovators and creatives pushing the boundaries on creating visual stories with their smartphones.

The focus is on Photography, Filmmaking, Visual Storytelling, Social Media content and Audio production. 

The event will take place over 3 Days, hvae 3 core elements and more than 30 speakers and 400+ delegates.  The key elements of the event are :
1. MojoFest Conference – 3 days of keynotes, plenary discussion and workshops.
2. MojoFest Expo – A 3 day exhibition showcasing many of the leading  app and accessory manufacturers that make professional mobile content creation possible.
3. MojoFest Awards – the annual international awards show to acknowledge and celebrate the pioneers and mavericks of the mojo community

MojoFest is organised and co-ordinated by Learning Waves trainer, Glen Mulcahy from Titanium Media. Glen has been involved in this area for almost 20 years, having held the position of Innovation Lead at RTE before setting up his own company Titanium Media in 2017.  Glen has worked with Learning Waves to design, develop and deliver the first Mobile Content for Radio Diploma for the industry. 

Glen is offering Learning Waves members a discount on the conference price and the discount can be accessed by clicking on the link below :

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