Learning Waves Skillnet offers unique opportunity for Journalism Graduates

Learning Waves Skillnet, the training body for the Independent Commercial Radio sector in Ireland is looking for Journalism graduates to join its one week News Journalism course which will be followed by a placement in one of the networks member stations. The course is free to recent graduates and is supported by Skillnet Ireland

The overall aim of the course is to provide graduates with an insight into the working of the newsroom in a radio station, from a national to regional to local radio station perspective.  The one week course will be followed by a 2 week placement in one of the 34 Independent Commercial radio stations in Ireland.  The placement will give graduates the opportunity to craft, research, produce and present a news piece for the radio station they are placed in.  The content created by graduates will be for on-air and online so a combination of traditional and new media skills will be developed over the three week placement. Graduates will be assigned a mentor in the radio station they are placed in who will work with them to develop and create their proposed content. 

Those who successfully complete the programme will be awarded certificates from the Learning Waves Radio Academy and will be provided with networking opportunities through additional Learning Waves Skillnet events.  Graduates will be allowed to post their CV's to the Learning Waves Skillnet website which will then be shared with the News Editors across the industry.  The overall aim of the programme is to provide the industry with a panel of Journalists who will be available to the industry for work across various newsrooms.

To apply for this course go to : https://www.learningwaves.ie/radio-academy.

Applications will close on 22nd October 2018 and participants will be invited for interview following the application process.  Places for this unique opportunity are limited to 10. 

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