Tune into Training from September 2018

As the kids get ready to go back to school, Learning Waves Skillnet is getting its training calendar ready for the last quarter of 2018.  The schedule of training currently sees training commence on 5th September with Broadcast Law Updates being offered by Media Lawyer in the Grand Canal Hotel in Dublin.  Back by popular demand is our First Aid Training course under the new accreditation by PHECC.  The new accreditation limits numbers per course to 6 so early booking is advised.  One of the highlights of September 2018 will be the Producer Masterclass in partnership with BBC Radio Belfast.  This event will take place on 20th September 2018 in Belfast and will see Helen Thomas from Radio 2 and Garrett Harte, Media and Communications consultant share their experiences and ideas with producers from Learning Waves member stations and BBC Radio Belfast.  This event will also provide participants with a unique opportunity to network with each other and also to get a tour of the BBC studios in Belfast.  The schedule also includes a number of Office courses and the ever popular Adobe Photoshop course.

The schedule will be updated over the coming weeks with Social Media course including our Digital for Radio Diploma courses, a Producer Bootcamp, Senior Editoral Leadership Training with BBC personnel, Mobile Content for Radio Diploma, Sales Leadership workshop with Roger Cutsforth from the UK and much more. 

Alongside desiging and delivering training courses to end of 2018, Learning Waves Skillnet will also begin the process of their 2019 application to Skillnet Ireland for future funding.  This application will take into consideration all your future training needs and will build on the programmes developed in 2018.  The overall aim of the 2018 application will be to provide a developmental structure for all current and future employees across the industry so as to sustain and grow the industry.

If you have specific training requirements please email teresah@learningwaves.ie with your details.

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