Ten tips for better radio advertising with Rory Hamilton

Rory Hamilton, founding partner and ECD of the Dublin based creative agency Boys and Girls and President of the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design(ICAD), joined us at Radio Days Ireland 2018.  Rory has won more than 100 creative awards both nationally and internationally including awards at D&AD, Epica and One Show. Rory joined us to share with us his 'ten simple steps to better radio advertising'.  By way of introduction Rory said that his passion is 'to get people to produce better radio and that radio is a writers paradise'.  Rory described radio as the 'playground for creatives', because nothing can stop you doing really good work.  He believes that radio is best at 'getting under your skin', it can be 'funny', 'dramatic' and extremely 'powerful'.  He compared it to a motorbike rather than a truck and cautioned the audience 'not to throw too many messages in at once'.  Radio should have one message, clearly delivered and cleverly executed.  In concluding his presentation, Hamilton said that 'radio is a powerful medium pound for pound', 'it gets under your skin', 'it changes people's minds and it makes brands'.  Rory Hamilton Boys and Girls

Rory's top ten simple steps to better Radio Advertising :

  1. A good idea costs the same as a bad one
  2. Avoid C Bombs in the kitchen
  3. If it looks funny, it'll probably sound funny
  4. 30 seconds might not be enough
  5. Radio can sell anything, but one at a time
  6. Let Google do the heavy lifting
  7. If you get asked to throw in the kitchen sink, don't forget the taps
  8. Write it, read it out loud, edit it
  9. Casting is everything
  10. What you can't see can help you

Rory's full presentation can be heard by clicking here

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