Learning Waves secures Skillnet funding for 2018

Learning Waves Skillnet is delighted to announce that they have secured funding for the design and delivery of training programmes for the Independent Commercial Radio Sector in Ireland.  The funding announced today from Skillnets sees a 10%  increase on that received by the network in 2017 for the training of those working in the sector.  In addition to this, funding has been received for the design and delivery of two traineeship programmes for those looking to get their foot in the door of radio.  The proposal to design programmes in the areas of Engineering for Radio, Data Analytics and Audio Mixing for Radio Professionals has also been approved. 

The funding approved for 2018 will allow the network to build on the work completed in 2017 and will support the skills requirements of the sector for 2018.   In line with this, the funding will support Radio Days Ireland 2018, will allow the network to review existing programmes and to attend international events in order to share best practice with the industry in Ireland. 

As the network embarks on its 14th year as an integral part of the media landscape in Ireland, Chairperson Lena Murphy commented that ‘the funding is significant for the network as it allows the Independent Radio Sector to continue to grow and develop a talented workforce that will sustain the industry into the future’.  According to Murphy, 'the funding is testament of the members commitment to ensuring that Independent Radio remains a vital component of the media landscape in Ireland’ 

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