20th Digital Journalism Conference takes place in the UK

According to, Gartner, a technology research company in America, there will be roughly 8.4 billion devices connected in the world in 2017, rising 31% since 2016. It is also estimated that by 2020 it will reach an all-time high of 20.4 billion. This is evidence that individuals are always connected, online, all the time. With this space being embraced by all, journalism amongst other, is thriving in these online outlets. To showcase this, Journalism.co.uk hosted their 20th newsrewired Digital Journalism Conference at Reuters in Canary Wharf, London on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

The conference explored all the latest tools, trends and techniques in relation to digital journalism. There was a wide range of workshops, panels and talks discussing everything from immersive storytelling for mobile to making the most of newsroom experiments. The two day event saw industry experts take to the stage to share new and innovative initiatives in the digital journalism sphere today. Speakers such as Kevin Young of Bloomberg, who previously worked as a radio broadcaster for BBC News will appear at the event on Wednesday 22nd. Kevin will be involved in the ‘making the most of newsroom experiments’ workshop alongside Bo Franklin, social media writer for The Economist. It was an exciting event as the pair considered refreshing strategies and new technologies. Another current and practical workshop taking place was hosted by Leila Haddou, data journalist at The Times and Sunday Times. This hands on session gave examples of open-source tools, useful for journalists, and how to utilise them. Leila shared her knowledge of everything from investigative resources to data analysis and visualisation.

Other names at the conference included; Brianne O’Brien, lead news curation editor of BuzzFeed, Colleen McEnaney, graphics editor of The Wall Street Journal and Nicole Jackson, deputy editor, VR, the Guardian to name but a few. The conference took place over the last two days and you should check out journalism.co.uk on Facebook and Twitter to get an insight into the latest trends and techniques of the digital journalism world. 

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