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As natural storytellers, we are always searching for new ways to engage people, be it on-air or online. A phenomenon that is taking the online and radio world by storm, more so in recent years, is that of podcasting. According to Forbes online, "most consumer content preferences evolve, as a reaction to trends that came before them. This makes it dangerous to invest in any one medium". Podcasting offers content producers and advertisers alike, a new space to share their stories. 

Due to popular demand, Learning Waves are hosting their first ever Podcast Panel on 21st of November at the IMRO offices, Dublin. The podcast panel presents a half day workshop which aims to answer all of your podcasting needs. On the day, we will see Aileen O’Meara, Sean Donegan and Andrea Martin share their expertise with us from different walks of the industry. This will then be followed by an open question and answer session at the end.

Andrea Martin is one part of Media Lawyer, a multi service media and entertainment law firm, Andrea works alongside many leading independent Irish production companies with all their legal requirements. She will be touching base on what the legal requirements are in relation to podcasting, whether your podcast content is subject to the same legal requirements as your on-air content and if or what role the BAI play in relation to podcasting.

Aileen O’Meara, award-winning former RTÉ journalist and producer, with a vast knowledge in journalism, TV and radio news making will also be accompanying us on the day. Aileen will be giving us an insight into the podcasting landscape in Ireland today and what characteristics are needed to make a ‘great’ podcast. She will be sharing how radio and podcasting can and will survive and thrive together and why people in radio are most suited to be the creators of podcasts.

Sean Donegan, Director of Broadcast, Online and International Licensing at IMRO, specialises in music rights licensing and will be giving us the low down on the do’s and don’ts in terms of music rights in podcasting. He will be sharing with us, invaluable insights he has gained through his own experience in working with IMRO as well as a multitude of music publishers and record labels.  

The aim of the Podcast Panel is to answer all of your queries in relation to podcasting, the direction of which it is going and how us radio heads can embrace it! We hope that with this diverse panel of experienced industry professionals, you will gain an indepth understanding into the current market and hopefully nuture the space in which it's occupies. 


For more information or to book a space, please visit our training calender:

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