CEO of meetingRoom, Jonny Cosgrove is guest speaker at Digital for Radio course on 24th October 2017

Jonny Cosgrove. pictured right,  is no stranger to sustainable business, Jonny has been helping organisations transform since 2017. Since starting meetingRoom Jonny has  been working with Fortune 500 companies who engage with immersive technology.  meetingRoom is collaboration software built for distributed teams. It improves workflow and provides augmented management intelligence to increase productivity. Teams can share the same physical space while separated by geography.  Jonny will tell us how technology can improve our working lives and particularly in the digital space where technology can improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

Has previously founded a number of ventures, including Pamplemousse, a Digital Marketing & Events Agency and Wooq, a ticketing as a service for the live events industry. Has previous experience working in software, internet of things, blockchain and managing innovation.

Jonny has attended UCD, Harvard University, Fudan University and completed his MBA at Trinity College Dublin. Most recently Jonny completed his Certificate in Data Protection with the Law Society Ireland.

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