52 weeks of Radio

With the advancement of technology and online services, radio advertising, compared to online advertising, is often overlooked or undermined. While both can survive coherently in the world of advertising, the resilience of radio is often forgotten. Most people listen to radio on a daily basis, whether it is passively or actively – in work, at home or in the car.

Ryan Deiss, CEO of digitalmartketer.com, upon speaking to The Monday Morning Memo and a group of advertisers summed up exactly how radio and online advertising can survive side by side. “The cost of creating awareness online is incredibly expensive compared to radio. You just need to maximize the online traffic that radio can easily drive to your website.” In order to allow radio to do so, businesses need to invest in a 52-week schedule. This schedule will pave the way for your brand becoming a household name on-air and in the hearts and minds of your potential customers.

Most credit meant for radio advertising is often given to SEO and other digital marketing strategies. Ken Goodrich, a business owner, also spoke to The Monday Morning Memo and from his experience learned that “customers are still going online before they call”. Again, this is where radio comes into play. It’s only after investing in a 52-week advertising schedule and, embedding their message and brand identity in potential customers through radio, that when the name appears online, it gets the click, the call and the sale! I’m sure there’s been many times where people have had “Go Harvey Norman, Go!” or similarly “Woodies, Woodies Woodies, there’s no better buy in DIY” stuck in their heads for a period of time.

While there definitely is profit to be made online with pay-per-click and social media etc, it has been said that radio advertising is more cost efficient. “The cost of generating awareness through radio is a tiny fraction of the cost of generating similar awareness online” according to Goodrich. Invest in 52-weeks of radio advertising, let the customer know your there and wait for them to need you, which they will! “Go radio go!”


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