Learning Waves secures additional funding from Skillnets for 2017

Learning Waves Skillnet is delighted to announce that they have secured additional funding from Skillnets for 2017.  A supplementary call for funding was issued by Skillnets in June 2017.  A decision was made by the Learning Waves Skillnet to apply for funding in two areas :

  • Specific training for IT Engineers - VmWare training
  • Development of training programme for agency staff in conjunction with Choose Radio group

At the end of June, the board were informed that the application had been successful and the following grant was awarded :

  • €5,825 for IT training
  • € 8,800 for the development of a training programme for agencies

The above funding will be matched by member stations.  VmWare training has now been scheduled for September 2017 in Dublin and this training is aimed specifically at Engineers across the sector.  The course is a 5 day full time course and will give participants VmWare certification. 

Learning Waves Skillnet will visit the Radio Centre in the UK in September 2017 to meet with them to discuss their training programme for agencies across the UK.  We will then present to the Choose Radio group and begin the development of our own programme which will be rolled out from January 2017. 

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