New courses from Learning Waves Skillnet

Learning Waves Skillnet is delighted to bring a number of new courses to you over the coming weeks.  The network has developed partnerships with organisations and trainers to bring you new and exciting programmes in the coming weeks.  Such programmes include the following :

Diploma in Creative Radio Advertising with GoCreate Academy certified through the London School of Music.  This course is a new and exciting venture for Learning Waves Skillnet as the course will be delivered primarly online with a number of workshops being delivered as part of the programme.  The programme is aimed exclusively at those working in Commercial Production in the sector and will participants will be shown :

  • How to guarantee your ideas win clients over and gets them to say YES
  • How to create radio commercials that just beg to be listened to.
  • Why confusing radio with press advertising kills business.
  • How to influence your listeners on a subliminal level (& unlock their subconscious).
  • Become a confident and persuasive public speaker.
  • How to gain a university awarded and industry endorsed qualification in creative radio advertising.

The course commences on 24th May with the first workshop where participants will be introduced to the course and to the course content.  Places are limited to 12 on this course so to book your place go to on or before Friday 19th May 2017.

Writing for the Web with Joanne Sweeney Burke from Digital Training Institute

Content is the fuel that drives social success so understanding how to write for the social web is a vital skill. In this one day workshop you will learn about :

  • Receipe for great social contentJoanne Sweeney Burke
  • Writing for emotional connection
  • Writing paid copy
  • Writing with SEO in mind
  • Writing to prompt action
  • Writing for each social network
  • Writing for email marketing
  • The elements of a great blog post

Courses in this area start on 24th May 2017 in Shannonside in Longford.

Data Journalism – Seeing through the numbers with Michael Blastland, Freelancer UK and BBC Trainer.  A huge amount of journalism involves data, statistics and quantified evidence. In health, migration and population, education, the economy and public spending, crime, the environment, risks and behaviour, etc, the evidence of what’s going on out there arrives in numbers. They are the language of public argument, used by politicians, pressure groups, charities, the police, companies, everyone. 

How can you see through this world of numbers to the real story? How do you challenge the users and abusers of numbers and get closer to the truth, when so many people seek to spin it their own way, or maybe don’t even understand it themselves?

This ½ day course - which requires no technical knowledge whatsoever - gives you the thinking skills to explore the evidence and find new and original stories and angles, and to sift the good from the bad. 

It makes an essential distinction between finding a story and testing the evidence on the one hand, and telling it on the other - and explains how journalistic pressures often cause us to do this the wrong way round. The course shows with numerous real examples from supposedly quality journalism how, too often, we seek confirmation of what we think we already know and think we want, in order to stand up a story rather than finding out what’s really going on. 'Finding out' often turns out to generate better, more informative and more original stories that not only show up the competition but are more truly informative for your audience.  

The course is fast, fun, and challenging, but there is no maths. The only thing you must bring with you is imagination. 

Courses in this area start on 13th June in Dublin

For full details on all of the above courses and dates go to


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