We STILL love Radio - FACT April 2017

Ireland still loves its Radio, 82% tune into radio every day according to the latest JNLR figures published today 27th April 2017. Interesting facts from the results show the following :


  • 3 million Irish adults tune into radio every day and listen for an average of over 4 hours per day
  • The most listening, 95.3% takes place on the AM/FM Radio
  • Radio makes up 88% of all audio listened too in Ireland
  • Radio is the original social media, with over 7.7 million connections across all Irish radio stations

So if you have story to tell, a product to sell or an event to advertise or promote, why not get in touch with one of our radio stations here in Ireland and get your story heard or your product sold.  A full list of our member stations is available on www.learningwaves.ie/members.  We would love to hear from you and remember KEEP LISTENING!

Choose Radio April JNLR video April 2017 from Orangeye Media on Vimeo.

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