Digital Storytelling to engage and connect audiences.

Course Details

  • Date Tue, 22nd November 2022
  • Time 09:30 to 16:30
  • Duration 6 days over 3 weeks
  • LocationIn-person and On-line
  • Trainers Glen Mulcahy and Mark Egan

Course Aims

This course will allow participants to have the opportunity to deep-dive ino the various aspects of storytelling.  It will allow participants to look at the models, elements and structures of great stories.  In an era where attracting and keeping attention and engagement is increasingly difficult, storytelling has never been a more essential skill. 

Course Content

The course will look at the following :

  • Understanding what makes a Story. Why stories are so important
  • Storytelling models and tropes. Why understanding story structure is essential
  • Audio Storytelling creating atmosphere and presence.
  • Interview Techniques for effective storytelling.
  • Choosing the right story (for the audience and platform)
  • Story cycles from short form to mini-doc
  • Stories for strategic brand placement
  • Using storytelling for internal and external comms…formats and opportunities.
  • Storytelling strategies per platform. Edit and reversion your stories.
  • Visual Storytelling: Visual filming using sequences and photographic techniques
  • Finding stories and recognising the best ones


Glen Mulcahy, MojoFest

Glen Mulcahy is Founder of Titanium-Media, a media training and consultancy firm which specializes in mobile journalism and social video storytelling. A former Head of Innovation with RTÉ, he has inspired and driven the growth of mobile journalism within RTÉ's newsroom and across other European broadcasters.  Glen has trained in excess of 7000 journalists in Europe, the US and the Middle East, across television, radio, print and online and his specialities are Mobile Journalism, Video Journalism, DSLR FilmMaking and Photography.

Mark Egan, Purple Bridge Media

Mark is a former BBC video journalist and mobile video expert. He has spoken on stages from Paris to Qingdao and has consulted with major organisations on their video strategies. Mark is a faculty member of the European Broadcasting Union Academy and has created social media content for global brands around the world.

Who is this content for?

The course is aimed at researchers, producers, presenters and all those who are creating and telling stories across the sector. 

Training Method

This course will be delivered through a combination of in-person and on-line methods.  2 days will be in person followed by 4 on-line sessions.  Dates for the course are as follows :

  • 22nd and 23rd November (in person)
  • 29th November, 2nd, 6th and 9th December (1.30pm to 3.30pm via Zoom).

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