Innovation and Creativity Workshops.

Course Aims

Learning Waves has partnered with Design Skillnet, ISME Skillnet and Design, Print and Packaging Skillnet to bring you a series of webinars on Innovation and Creativity for Commercial Success.  The workshops will be facilitated by Russell Beck from Imagine ThinkDo. 

Course Brief

Workshop 1

What is innovation? What is happening in the external environment and how do you shape up?

  • What is innovation?  From creating ideas through to realising value from them.
  • Why bother: What is happening externally – where is the opportunity versus the hype/myths?
  • What are you currently doing well (including recognising and savouring successes) and where do you need help?

Workshop 2

How to identify innovation potential and choose creativity techniques to suit every member of your team.

  • Innovation potential: self-awareness on what it takes to be innovative
  • Identifying innovation strengths in our people.
  • How to have a good idea: exploring different creativity techniques that you can try out
  • Practical application using topical issues as subject matter.

Workshop 3

How to establish an environment for creating value from innovation and embed it into your organisation / culture

  • How to convert ideas into tangible value.
  • How to filter and nurture ideas
  • How to handle failures.
  • How to notice, savour and recognise success.

Who is this content for?

All those working in the Independent Radio Sector in Ireland


June 2023

Training Method

Online via Zoom