Mastering Your Editing Skills Using Adobe Audition


This one day course is aimed at users of older versions of Cool Edit and Audition. Recording, editing, processing and multi-track production in Adobe’s new Audition CC are covered. It will improve your workflow, speed and audio quality.

MORNING: Refresher
1. Refresher: configuration, PK files, edit view versus multi-track, file types, sample rates, housekeeping
2. Edit View: batch processing of audio files
3. Edit View: corrective processes - removing clicks, pops, hiss and noise
4. Edit View: manual removal of plosives
5. Edit View: delete silence
6. Edit View: spectrum editing
7. Edit View: disguising voice
8. Edit View: bleeping out expletives
9. Edit View: Graphic Equaliser, Dynamics Processing
10. Favourites: recording a sequence, saving existing favourites within effect panels, adding to favourites menu
11. Keyboard Shortcuts: existing, adding your own, managing your list.
Practical #1: apply a complex of corrective processes using audio provided.

MID-MORNING: Multi-Track Production
10. Track laying for 2+ tracks.
11. Move, Copy, Cut, Trim, Clip Edge Dragging, Group, Lock, Snapping
12. Automation – fade in, ducking, fade out
Practical #2: create session to specification and apply Real Time SFX to audio.

13. MT View: Defining loops and building ‘made-to-measure’ sequences
14. MT View: Mixing - using the Adobe Audition Mixer/Master Fader and onboard clip and track controls.
15. MT View: Bouncing completed production to single audio file.
16. MT View: Mastering for different media – broadcast, CD, podcast.

Practical #3: Finalise and Mixdown project to specification


Working in radio and voiceover since 1998, as a lecturer since 2001 and for Learning Waves since 2007, John Herlihy brings a range of experience as a presenter, producer and trainer to Learning Waves. John runs Radio Kerry Training which designs and delivers communications and broadcast training to public and private sectors and to secondary, third level and adult learners. His work is multi-award winning in imaging, short feature and documentary categories. John delivers the ‘Mastering your Adobe Audition Skills’ and ‘Advanced Adobe Audition Skills’ training courses. More here:


Trainees should bring their own set of headphones to the training course