Podcasting for Radio - Part 1

As the world of Podcasts grows, this workshop will look at the role Podcasts play in the radio landscape and why radio needs to get into the podcasting game.  The workshop will look at the strengths of both radio and podcasts and how both mediums can complement each other.  The workshop will be delivered in two parts, will be highly practical and will allow partcipants to explore ideas for their own podcast. 

Course Content

The first part of this workshop will look at :

  • The radio-podcasting landscape – why radio needs to get into the podcasting game (numbers, popularity, appeal)


  • Radio v. podcasts – strengths and weaknesses of each medium


  • Chart-topping podcasts (including produced by radio stations / networks) from different genres and figure out why they’re so popular, what they’re doing differently, and what elements you can ‘borrow’ to create your own unique podcast.  


  • We discuss: experimental formats, opportunities to use podcasts to ‘narrowcast’ while your radio station ‘broadcasts’, working smart and using what you’ve already got in clever ways.


  • The 5 critical steps to launching your podcast which includes title, compelling description, artwork, music and trailer


Workshop – to be prepared in advance of the next session

  • Think about the audience of your station – who are they? Why do they like your station? Why do they expect from it?


  • Now think about what kind of podcast would be a natural extension of your station, continuing to meet audience expectations. (Eg a youth-driven music station might produce specialist music podcasts and documentaries)


  • In groups or individually (depending on group at hand), create that podcast idea and produce a trailer for it, including music, title, and scripted description. Also find / create some images and/or video that will work as marketing material.


Trainer - Patrick Haughey, AudioBrand

Patrick Haughey is an award-winning radio and podcast producer. He has produced some of Ireland’s leading shows, including Matt Cooper’s ‘Last Word’ on Today FM, Ireland Unfiltered with Dion Fanning, The Big Bite with David McWilliams, and Niall Power’s Beat Talk on Beat 102 103.

Patrick is currently Senior Producer of Mario Rosenstock’s Sunday Roast on Today FM and Managing Director of AudioBrand – an audio marketing and communications agency that helps companies win more business through the power of podcasting.