Writing for the Web and Re-purposing content

As radio professionals - whether journalists (news/sport), presenters, programming, production or sales - you are skilled storytellers.  But telling stories online requires the use of different techniques.

There are tried and tested methods of writing for the social web which you will learn in this module.
In the workshop presented by Joanne Sweeney-Burke, you will re-consider how news is presented online, the role of social media and how creating long-form content and re-purposing it is a winning strategy.

Learning Outcomes :

Why we are here

  •     Grammar fundamentals for online writing Top Tool: Grammarly

Web Writing Part I

  •     Writing for 7-year olds: the Flesch-Kincaid readability rules

Web Writing Part II

  •     Formatting your article
  •     On-page SEO checklist

Writing Task

  •     Take a piece of content and re-write according to our new best practice rules
  •     Share back and learnings

Content Re-purposing

  •     A guide to re-purposing content
  •     Content re-purposing tools

Content Planning

    Factors that determine your content  : Monthly, weekly, daily content planner
    Measuring content success

Trainer - Joanne Sweeney Burke, Digital Training Institute

Joanne is a published author and her first title looks at use of social media by law enforcement agencies. She is a writer for Social Media Examiner, the world's largest social media website. She hosts a weekly podcast called JSB Talks Digital and a weekly vlog of the same name. She also delivers webinars on Big Marker, the world's largest webinar community.
Joanne is a skilled trainer and in the past three years alone has delivered face-to-face training to over 3,000 people across the world. Every single training programme she has designed and delivered and she complements this training with online supports, resources and mentoring. She has her own eLearning platform on digitaltraining.ie and leverages technology to expand digital education to as many people as possible.