Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing

This is a 3 day workshop which will give an overview of the software and how it will work for editing your videos and publication of them to your site/blog.  The course is designed to equip you with the essential skills required to edit and produce video content for your station. The course will cover the following :

Course Content

Understanding the basics of digital video

1. How a video works?

2. What is the frame rate?

3. How to read a timecode?

4. Differences between video formats

5. Differences between SD video, HD video and Film

Sequence management and settings

1. What is a sequence?

2. What is the ideal video format for my project?

3. Choosing presets from the video format list in Premiere Pro

4. Differences between PAL and NTSC formats

5. Differences between the HD720 and HD1080 formats

Windows, panels and workspaces in Premiere Pro

1. Open and close panels

2. Preset workspaces

3. Reset workspaces

4. Main panels and toolbars

Import and check video footage

1. Different ways to import assets

2. Setting up the Project panel

3. Previewing material in the Source panel

4. Keyboard shortcuts to playback video

Selecting material to edit in Premiere Pro

1. Select sections of the video using the “mark in” and “mark out” keys

2. Organizing video and audio in the timeline

3. Use only audio or only video from a video footage

4. Keyboard shortcuts to use the Source panel

Using the timeline

1. Placing footage in the timeline

2. The video and audio channels in the timeline

3. Unlink audio and video in the timeline

4. Trimming clips on the timeline

Working with audio

1. Quick audio adjustments on the timeline

2. Using the Audio Gain window

3. Using the Pen tool to create audio fades

4. Using keyframes in the audio

5. The Audio mixer panel

6. Reading the Audio Meters

The trimming tools

1. Ripple edit tool

2. Rolling edit tool

3. Rate stretch tool

4. Slip tool

5. Slide tool

Cut videos using the razor tool and moving clips in the timeline with the track select tool

Using transitions

1. Applying video transitions

2. Applying audio transitions

3. Adjusting duration and position on transitions

4. Applying different types of transitions

Working with effects

1. How to apply and modify video effects

2. How to apply and modify audio effects

3. Most commonly used effects

Export final videos in Premiere Pro

1. Export videos

2. Selecting the correct video format (advantages and disadvantages)

3. Using video codecs

4. Using the presets

5. Export using Adobe Media Encoder