Mobile Journalism for Radio

A workshop on how your iPhone can help you create, edit and produce content for your radio station for use on-air and on-line across many platforms.  This course is ideal for all of those who are using their iPhone in the field to record, edit and produce content for radio stations. 

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • History of Mobile Journalism
  • Screening, sample stories and strengths and weakenesses
  • Hardware and software accessories and app overview
  • Priniciples of photography, composition, exposure and focus
  • Using FILMIC Pro
  • Using sequences to create your story
  • 10 shot sequences, shooting exercise
  • Recording interviews
  • Shoot and interview
  • Export recording to camera roll
  • Editing in iMovie
  • Importing content and rough cut in iMovie
  • Voiceover and audio mix, then export
  • Going live to Radio, web or TV
  • Other Apps of Interest

Equipment Required

Participants must bring with them an iPhone with adequate storage and required apps installed prior to training.  A list of apps will be provided in advance of the training.


Glen Mulcahy, Titanium Media @GlenBMulcahy

Glen has worked in broadcast engineering and/or production for over 14 years. With a background in art and design his ability to fuse technical knowledge and creative design has been a key part of his skillset. He has trained as an ENG camera operator, a Studio Director, an Avid editor and an Apple support professional to name but a few.
Part of his work ethos has always been derived from having a clear understanding of the jobs his staff perform, in doing this he argues he can make informed decisions on workflows and efficiencies. In his spare time he is a passionate photographer, his specialism is portraiture and he has worked as a freelance editorial photographer for several magazines. He also loves gadgets and new technology- his blog is an insight into the world of multimedia technology.