BAI Fairness Code - what radio stations need to know and do

The BAI Fairness Code has applied to all radio stations since July, 2013. Despite this, we have observed a very low level of awareness in stations of the requirement, under that Code, for certain written protocols to be in place in each station addressing a range of matters connected with news and current affairs coverage (e.g sourcing on-air content on social media, avoiding conflict of interest in on-air coverage of topics).

A template protocol for stations was devised by this firm in 2014 for delivery to stations in the context of a dedicated seminar. To date the uptake on this seminar has been slow. However, we believe that a growing awareness of the regulatory obligation to have such protocols in place will encourage subscription to this course, which has been re-structured in the Course Objectives above to focus almost exclusively on the Fairness Code.

Course Content

The course will familiarise trainees with;

  • the statutory basis for regulation of broadcast content by the BAI under the provisions of the Broadcasting Act, 2009;
  • BAI compliance, complaints and investigation mechanisms;
  • the four statutory Codes and relevant Guidelines currently published by the BAI;
  • the provisions and requirements of the BAI Code on Fairness, Impartiality and Objectivity in News and Current Affairs Coverage


Training Method

The course comprises a half-day seminar (x3 hours) during which a slide presentation and discussion with the group will take place covering the topics outlines in Course Objectives above. This course will be of relevance to all broadcasting personnel